I realized that there's nothing much posted in this account ever since I created this 6 years ago.
oh well, I'm the type of fan who is not showy. (NOT because i'm not proud of my idols, but maybe because it is who I really am as a person.)
I've been a fan of Hey! Say! JUMP since April of 2009.
I met a lot of new friends with the same insterest as me and had endless conversations about these awesome guys.
They became my inspiration in lots of things.
I buy their magazines everytime I go to Japan.
just like all of you, I've watched their shows tons of times already!
I only have one DVD copy of their concert (summary 2012 was given to me by my sister as a birthday present) huhu I'm soooo thankful to you guys who share videos and files to us.

I'll be back to post more photos and reviews if time allows me to :) byebye for now!