Zeus II

Looking forward to see the second season of Zeus!
I enjoyed the first episode so much!
It's fun to see Johnny's talents interact and compete with the other team which consist of different tv personalities.
I hope they'll win this time!
I'm worried since there are posts telling that Chii joined only 1 game because of his injured hand :(
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Mi Amor

Okay, the title doesn't have anything to do with the things written in here. lol
Well, I'll have to take my spanish midterm exam tomorrow and until now I haven't studied a thing!
It was interesting at first but it becomes less interesting every meeting :(
I'm having a difficult time to remember all the rules in every pattern.
oh my! I hope I'll be able to remember everything for tomorrow.
wish me luck ;)
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JUMPing CARnival

Everyone ish sho cuuuuute! (okay, forgive me for trying to act like a kid)
I've seen a lot of short clips from the Concert DVD and it seems like this is the best concert they've done so far.
Though my current favorite is their SMART Concert (love it so much!)
I'm glad our boys continue to grow in the industry and attract more fans over the years.
Looking forward to watch the whole thing soon! I hope they'll be able to do more awesome acts in the future!


I realized that there's nothing much posted in this account ever since I created this 6 years ago.
oh well, I'm the type of fan who is not showy. (NOT because i'm not proud of my idols, but maybe because it is who I really am as a person.)
I've been a fan of Hey! Say! JUMP since April of 2009.
I met a lot of new friends with the same insterest as me and had endless conversations about these awesome guys.
They became my inspiration in lots of things.
I buy their magazines everytime I go to Japan.
just like all of you, I've watched their shows tons of times already!
I only have one DVD copy of their concert (summary 2012 was given to me by my sister as a birthday present) huhu I'm soooo thankful to you guys who share videos and files to us.

I'll be back to post more photos and reviews if time allows me to :) byebye for now!

hello to the inactive me

I can't remember when was the last time I opened my lj account!
but based on what I saw on the record, the last time was february 2010!!!
see??? hmmmm... I think i missed out a lot already! :/

(all posts between 2011-2013 are uploaded after this post, I just changed the date accordingly)

but yeah, I'm back! hihi
I'll try my best to catch up! ;)
yay! yoroshiku minna!


can't see my posts before! :/ maybe I deleted them already huh? -.-


Man, studying nihongo is challenging especially when you don't get to practice it often.
It's so fun to meet new people with the same interests (well, I've met a lot JE fans in school)
Still having a hard time remembering all the Kanji Looking forward to be able to read the magazines that I bought way back when I was still in Japan.

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